Stylist: Lucy Manning assisted by Alexis Kossel (awaiting confirmation)
Outfit: custom Union Western by Jerry Atwood and Joe Walters
Hairstylist: Davy Newkirk
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

David Harbour was the embodiment of cool while attending the Brooklyn premiere of the 4th season of “Stranger Things“. Do you want to know more about it? Read further.

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Harbour made his fabulous entrance in a custom Union Western suit, paired with a black satin men’s shirt and black Christian Louboutin boots with a slightly square-toe. To finish off the look, he opted for a pair of green shades.

1st, 2nd and 4th pic are courtesy of Jerry Atwood
3rd pic is courtesy of Union Western Clothing

The story behind David‘s outfit is what pushed me to write about this premiere, because as you all may have noticed, I tend to work on events in which the clothes symbolize more than it may seem. It can be an historical or emotional meaning to the actors involved–it can also be personal preference from my part, but rather sporadically.

1st and 5th picture are courtesy of Kyle Lambert
2nd and 3rd picture are courtesy of Jerry Atwood
4th picture is courtesy of Michelle Pemberton for Indystar

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Well, during my research, I came across an interesting Vogue article, in which the actor described how he discovered the brand that customized his suit and what was his goal: “He knew he wanted a bold look for the premiere—so he chose a custom suit that paid homage to the signature Stranger Things aesthetic (which is equal parts retro and spooky). The design, embellished with the show’s characters and the “upside down” world they inhabit, was designed by Union Western—the suiting brand known to bedazzle pieces for Post Malone and more. ‘My wife [Lily Allen] at one point worked with Union Western. They make these mad suits for rockstars, so I figured, let’s f*king do this!'”

© Union Western | Lily Allen wearing an Union Western creation in 2019

In the same interview, Harbour described the suit as heavy and the most emotional thing about it was that it was also a nod to his late mother who passed away in 2019 and who was an Elvis fan (who himself was known to wear embroidered suits for his shows).

1st picture: Elvis singing during the ‘Aloha from Hawaii‘ concert in 1973
2nd picture: Elvis heading to perform his matinee show in Lakeland, Florida in 1976
3rd picture: © Bob HeisElvis wearing the ‘Blue Rainbow‘ suit in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in October 1976
4th picture: Elvis wearing the ‘Lucky Suit‘ in Las Vegas, September 1972

The design was inspired by the creations of “Stranger Things” official movie poster illustrator Kyle Lambert, and it joined elements from the previous seasons’ posters. Harbour revealed to People that he was given the poster for season 4 ahead of its release but he could not see it because the staff sent it right to the designer without letting the actor see it. Needless to say that the brand had to sign an NDA too (they wrote it on their Instagram).

Stranger Things” Season 4 poster by Kyle Lambert
Courtesy of Union Western

David‘s hope is that the suit will be auctioned and that the proceeds will go to War Child, an organization supporting children and young people affected by war.

All pictures except the 5th one are courtesy of Michelle Pemberton for Indystar
5th picture is courtesy of Union Western

I love it when an actor gives their input when it comes to red carpet appearances–wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear them.

I also find pleasure in watching Harbour‘s interviews, as he comes off as a shy but thoughtful guy who catches what happens in his life and makes the best out of it. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 25, he is an example of what great art you can make even if sometimes the pain can seem too hard to bear. Incorporating the memory of his mother in his suit was such a kind gesture that one can only be moved by it.

1st picture is courtesy of Jerry Atwood
2nd pictures is courtesy of Kyle Lambert
3rd and 4th picture are courtesy of Michelle Pemberton for Indystar

Enjoy some behind-the-scenes videos and the red carpet reveal.

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