Corey Tuttle

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Corey Tuttle is a hairstylist coming originally from North Carolina.

He has worked as a platform artist for Matrix, traveling the U.S., & Canada, for the purpose of educating other hairstylists, while also styling hair for Off Broadway shows for the N.C. School of the Arts.

It was in this time that he built a clientele in the salon, while setting a goal to move to NYC, to work with hair legend Oribe, in his 5th Ave. Salon.

In 1997, this goal became a reality, and the experience was beyond expectation.

After focusing on a freelance pursuit, his travels took him to London, Milan, & Paris each season for the fashion collections, apprenticing  with the incredibly talented hairstylists Odile, Guido, Orlando & more.

With a very diverse background in training, it has allowed him to work comfortably with all hair textures.

He also works with a wide range of clients, including celebrities, advertising agencies and companies, brands, beauty brands L’Oréal, Pantene, Redken.

His work takes him all over the world, most recently collaborating with Pernod Ricard, which premiered at the prestigious Paris Photo.

He is represented by Exclusive Artists and you can find his portfolio HERE