Photographer: Lea Garn
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Stylist: Chris Horan
assisted by @sanamceline, Greer Heavrin, Mia and Delaney Williams
Outfit: custom Marni by Francesco Risso
Makeup Artist: Lauren Reynolds
Hairstylist: Syd Hayes assisted by Ryan Wood using BaByliss
Manicurist: Michelle Humphrey using Bio Sculpture Gel and PersoNAILity
Shoes: Aquazzura
Jewelry: David Morris

Charli XCX has always been one of my favorite style icons, her quirkiness and don’t give a fuck attitude are what makes her relatable and loved by many.

I remember that when she was starting out, her aesthetic was what drew me to her, because she was just so unconventional, a hidden gem made for those who knew how to appreciate it and take care of it.

Her music also had a different feel to it and listening to it all day long made me feel like I was part of something special, something only a select “few” could truly grasp.

That’s why this Tuesday I am so eager to write about her, attending the Brits 2024.

Charli looked otherworldly in a custom resin-bodiced Marni watermelon gown, constructed from a patchwork of pastel-colored silks, paired with Aquazzura shoes (not visible in any shot available).

Photo 1 is courtesy of Delaney Williams | Photo 3 is courtesy of Lea Garn

She complemented the look with David Morris 18k white gold diamond hoop earrings, a diamond ring on her left ring finger and the engagement ring from her beau George Daniel.

The choice of a softer color palette and of light materials was intentional and not just a spur of the moment, because as she told British Vogue: “I think people see me as being tough and just wanting to dress in harsh lines and harsh fabrics. But I’m getting into a more romantic zone with clothing, experimenting with softer shapes and billowing materials, which might be surprising to certain people.”

She also added: “I’ve never worn these kinds of colours before and I love how soft the palette is. But then there’s this hardness to the bodice, which I think provides the perfect level of contrast.”

The aim for her and her stylist Chris Horan is to keep people entertained and show the musician in a new light, she is made out of opposites after all.

Can we talk about the makeup too?

I am in love with what Lauren Reynolds did to Charli‘s face: that white pencil trait under the eyebrows and then applied on the lower lash line to make her eyes look bigger? The soft glittery smokey eye and the black eyeshadow perfectly blended and the false lashes applied on the outer corners to elongate the eyes? It was stark but soft at the same time, the true touch of an artist.

If you look closely, you can also notice the glitter on the singer’s ears, just too cute.

The hair was long and very mermaid-like, styled in a middle part culminating in soft waves. A creation of Syd Hayes using BaByliss products–specifically, he mentioned using the Falco Dryer.

Manicurist Michelle Humphrey matched the nails to the bodice, opting for an orange degradè manicure, using Bio Sculpture Gel products and PersoNAILity nail tools.

Chris Horan is an incredible stylist, he is always ahead of the curve and he doesn’t shy away from avant-garde ensembles or lesser known brands. He offers a new perspective when he dresses his clients, something that we haven’t seen before but that always works.

His style is seductive, brilliant but never vulgar, he knows how to step into different shoes while having a lot of fun while doing it.


Charli XCX was nominated in the category Best Pop Act and was also a presenter for the category Best Dance Act with Alison Oliver.

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