Ashanti Lation

Ashanti Lation is a New Orleans-based hairstylist.

With over 20 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, she is a respected leader of the healthy hair movement and is known for her hair growing abilities.

Suffering from a sensitive scalp and eczema, Lation learned to do her hair out of necessity and starting in fourth grade, she would give her cousins makeovers and at 15 she already began taking clients.

Even later in life, the hairdresser dealt with problems with her haircare while in hair school, when she asked her teacher if she could bring her own products for a demonstration on herself. After a friend of hers used a super perm on her hair, she got a scalp infection because she was allergic to some of its ingredients and she had to get steroid injections to help it grow back. That episode taught her to prioritize transparency and trust with her clients.

Even singer Normani and her mother reached out to her because they knew she was a sort of hair doctor in her area.

She now owns the VIP Lux Salon & Hair Boutique and launched her product line VIP Luxury Haircare in 2009. She also funded VIP Luxury Hair, a line of higher quality hair extensions at an affordable price.

In January 2022  she launched a Healthy Hair Journal e-book filled with prompts and advice that Lation would normally give to her clients during a consultation with a physical book option also available for pre-order. 

Her work spans the entertainment industry, previously alongside Savage x Fenty‘s fashion show too. However, even though she can deal with all hair styles from silk presses and chemical relaxers, to box braids and lace fronts, her main focus is long term treatments for her clients’ hair. Her team follows the same philosophy.

You can book her through her personal website HERE

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