Stylist: Law Roach
Outfit: custom Dior Haute Couture by Maria Grazia Chiuri
Makeup Artist: Georgie Eisdell assisted by Nina Reminder
using Dior Skincare and Dior Makeup
Hairstylist: Gregory Russell using Pureology and ghd
Manicurist: Kim Truong
Shoes: Dior
Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy is a wonder of the last century, her mysterious attitude pulls you in and you can’t take your eyes off her while she’s acting.

We got to know her thanks to her role in The Queen’s Gambit, but also because her sense of style doesn’t go unnoticed. Let’s see what she wore to the virtual Golden Globes 2021.

Anya wore a custom designed Dior Haute Couture green lurex draped dress with matching belt and evening coat. The back was low with delicate cross-over straps. The ensemble was inspired by a model from the Fall 2018 Couture collection.

The dress took three petites mains (craftsmen and women who bring Haute Couture creations to life) 300 hours to make and it was the result of a joint collaboration between Anya, her stylist Law Roach, Maria Grazia Chiuri and her team at Dior.

Roach doesn’t mind working virtually with his clients because according to him, there is more control over the entire process, compared to walking on a red carpet where a handful of photographers takes pictures. He tried to bring back the glamour, after a long period of time in which people are kind of used to live in sweatpants.

One of the important parts of the dress was the color, as Anya mentioned in an interview for relating it to the different characters she played lately: “I’m literally obsessed with the entire look and am so grateful for it. It made me feel powerful, and I really loved the fact that it was green, because the color was important to Beth, Emma, and myself. […] We wanted this to be a special moment and for the dress to convey the symbolism that we cared so much about.”

Another thing which is important to notice is that there is nothing performative about Anya and Law‘s collaboration, just a mutual understanding of what the real soul of the client is. In this phone interview, Law explains it masterfully: “I always get the girls that are a bit fearless when it comes to their style. I think that’s what the attraction is because that’s the way I look at styling and fashion. I would definitely say [her style] is fearless with a touch of whimsy.”

Law also added that he likes to style her in pieces that have a “retro undertone to it”.

Taylor-Joy accessorized her magnificent ensemble with a Tiffany & Co. necklace of over 70 diamonds, complemented by a diamond ring and a pair of over $1.5 million earrings featuring emerald-cut diamonds of over 7 carats each.

As for the makeup, Georgie Eisdell explained to how she came to painting Anya‘s face as she did: “We wanted to keep her looking young and modern. Her gown had a ’70s vibe about it, so I wanted to lean into that. Anya has incredible eyes, so I had to do a smoky eye.”

Here is a full rundown directly from both Dior and Eisdell‘s Instagrams:
Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum;
Dior Capture Totale Eye Cream;
Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy Crème;
Dior Forever Skin Glow in the shade 0 Neutral;
Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer in the shade 0 Neutral;
Backstage Powder-no-Powder Collection in 2 Neutral;
Dior Rouge Blush #475 Rose Caprice Matte;
Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette Metallic Platinum;
Diorshow 5 Couleurs in #599 New Look;
Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Black;
Diorshow Brow Styler in #001 Brown;
Diorshow Pump N Brow: #011 Blonde;
Dior Satin Balm;
Dior Rouge Lipstick in #434 Promenade;
Dior Contour No Transfer Lip Liner Pencil in Nude Look.

Her hairstylist Gregory Russel told why he chose to style her hair in such a way: “I created a 1970s Jerry Hall–inspired hairstyle, given the length of Anya’s hair and the lines of the dress.”

Luckily for us, there was a complete rundown oh her hair process which Gregory Russel shared with Vogue India:
– “On Anya’s damp hair, I applied Pureology Instant Levitation Mist along her roots around her hairline and Pureology Weightless Volume Mousse from root to ends. I distributed the product evenly throughout with my detangling brush.
– With my ghd Helios hairdryer and a round brush, I created a mohawk section on top for volume, and then switched to my vent brush and continued to blow-dry her sides and back straight to maintain a soft texture and bounce.
– For the final process, I worked in two sections. The first section was from her ear forwards and I sprayed each subsection with Pureology Style + Protect Soft Finish Hairspray. After spraying, I used my 1.25in GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron and gave complete curls, setting each with a flat clip.
– Next, I moved to the back section and continued with the hairspray for each section. Then I used the new GHD Max Styler to smooth and seal her roots and mid-lengths, leaving out her ends. After flat ironing, I used the Curl Iron again and curled from the bottom up, stopping after two complete rotations around the iron.
– From here, I emulsified a pearl-size amount of Pureology Shine Bright Taming Serum in my hands and lightly smoothed her ends and face frame. Then I put Pureology Style + Protect Lock It Down Hairspray directly on to my porcupine cushion brush and softly brushed through the back. To lock the look in, I sprayed the same spray all over.”

From @anyataylorjoy’s Instagram
From @luxurylaw’s Instagram
From @luxurylaw’s Instagram
From @luxurylaw’s Instagram
From @luxurylaw’s Instagram
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