Stylist: Carlos Nazario assisted by
José Cordero, Raymond Gee and Christine Nicholson
Outfit: Oscar de la Renta by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia
Makeup Artist: Sheika Daley using Danessa Myricks
Facialist: Vanessa Marc Spa
Hairstylist: Jawara assisted by @misshairqueen and Jamie Brice
using Fekkai and Dyson Hair
Manicurist: Juan Alvear
Gloves: Thomasine Gloves
Stole: custom by Thao H x 7thBoneTailoring
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Jewelry: Ana Khouri

Model Anok Yai has been defined a ‘style rebel’ and I’d say I agree. In fact I think that it was truly that je ne sais quoi about her that drew me to her. Can we talk about her outfit for the 2021 MET Gala, then?

Anok looked like a Black goddess in an Oscar de la Renta skimming celestial crystal gown with plunging neckline from the Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear collection, paired with a custom-made extra long ostrich feather stole/shawl.

2nd picture is courtesy of
4th picture is courtesy of Lucas Creighton

Her gloves were courtesy of Thomasine Gloves and her black satin sandals were from Giuseppe Zanotti.

The jewels she wore were a work of art: a custom Ana Khouri Tourmaline Paraiba necklace, a Diamond ‘Mirian‘ bracelet, a Diamond ‘Mirian‘ ring and another diamond ring with a square gem and rainbow shank (in the picture above you can see the exact model, without the rainbow gems).

The look was allegedly inspired by Josephine Baker, as shown in the photo below. See the resemblance?

As for the makeup, we know that it’s what you’ve been waiting for all along. So here are all the details, courtesy of the incredible Sheika Daley (edited for clarity):

Danessa Myricks – Vision Cream Cover in W09 and W10;
Danessa Myricks – Evolution Powder in 4.5 and 5;
Danessa MyricksThe Nudist – Luxe Cream Palette.

Danessa Myricks – Illuminating Veil (Highlight)- in ‘Queen‘;
Danessa Myricks – Enlight Halo Powder in ‘Sun‘ on the eyes;
Danessa MyricksColor FX Foils in ‘Starship‘ on the eyes;
– Danessa Myricks – Color FX Mattes in ‘Blackout‘ as liner on the eyes;
Danessa MyricksLove & Light Beauty Oil in ‘Blaze‘ on entire body.

Anok‘s nails, in true Juan Alvear style, were plastic looking with a long pointy French manicure. If you know him, it was very much in tune with his creations–of course a little more elegant and less grotesque to match the dress.  

From @mr_carlos_nazario’s Instagram
From @mr_carlos_nazario’s Instagram
From @anakhouri’s Instagram
From @officialsheiks’ Instagram Stories
From @officialsheiks’ Instagram Stories
From @officialsheiks’ Instagram Stories
From @officialsheiks’ Instagram Stories
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