Photo courtesy of Sisley

Angloma is a professional celebrity makeup artist and beauty consultant.

His interest for makeup was piqued when he was just a sociology student at 24: Angloma had to organize a dance show with the Opéra of his city, so of course he was in charge of the costumes and makeup. Once he entered a specialized boutique, it was love at first sight and he decided to make it his job.

When his parents first moved to Paris, they envisioned for him a classical path but he was so firm in his decision that they eventually had to accept it.

After attending a makeup school, he started doing makeup for everyone everywhere, even in a hair salon where a singer signed under Universal asked him to get her ready for a TV appearance. From there–thanks to word of mouth–he started doing makeup for celebrities such as Rihanna and Ayo, adding to his resume actresses and men, who love the ‘lit from within’ glow of his makeup.

Angloma has been Sisley Paris’ makeup artist for several years and his most notable clients now include Naomi Campbell, Omar Sy, Noémie Merlant and actress Marina Foïs among others.

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