Stylist: Wouri Vice
Makeup Artist: Porsche Cooper
Hairstylist: Stacie Merriman
Blouse: Dara Senders
Skirt: Lærke Valum
Manicurist: Sheana Fair
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Jewelry: Erickson Beamon

Musician and actress Andra Day is a newcomer but she is already sweeping prizes left and right. She takes you in thanks to her charme and her soulful voice, and I swear, if you carefully listen to it, you may understand what heaven feels like.

Andra is also big on fashion and it surely doesn’t go unnoticed.

She was radiant while attending The Lena Horne Prize for Artists Creating Social Impact, held at The Town Hall on February 28, 2020 in New York City.

She wore a Dara Senders Lela blouse, paired with a Lærke Valum peach tulle skirt. Erickson Beamon earrings adorned her ears and Giuseppe Zanotti Dionne champagne satin sandals with crystals and sculpted heel were on her feet.


Lena Horne was a Legendary Brooklyn-born GRAMMY and TONY winning singer, dancer, activist, and actress who performed on stage, in film, and on TV from the time she emerged as a starlet in the 1930’s until her death in 2010. Starting as a singer in the Cotton Club she then went on to be a movie star and pin-up for Black soldiers during WWII, and famous to a new generation for her performance of Glinda the Good Witch in The Wiz.

Throughout her career, Lena fought for equality and justice. She sang at the first racially integrated night club, Café Society in New York City. During USO tours during WWII she refused to sing for a segregated audience.

When officials wouldn’t move the African-American soldiers from the back row forward, she went to the back of the room to sing directly to them.

In an industry affected by typecasting, playing a role based on gender and race stereotypes, Lena Horne told her own story. Lena would not accept a role or singing opportunity if it portrayed her as a stereotype based on race or gender; she denied the stereotypical tropes and white-washing endemic in Hollywood, to portray stories that empowered her and those watching.

She spoke at the historic March on Washington and worked with Eleanor Roosevelt to pass anti-lynching laws.

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