Alicia Lombardini

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Alicia Lombardini is a fashion stylist and image consultant based in New York, and local to Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

She regularly does editorial, celebrity, and commercial work and is the Style Director for Girls. Girls. Girls Magazine.

Lombardini honed her eye by working with some of the industry’s most elite stylists like Suzanne Koller and Camilla Nickerson.

During a five-year stint at Vs magazine, she was introduced to the world of celebrity styling, which she has continued to do on the side, counting Aziz Ansari, Paul Bettany, and Cynthia Nixon as clients.

Towards the end of her Vs job, she met Claire Rothstein, who went on to found Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine.

While working together, Rothstein, a photographer, and Lombardini, a stylist, found in each other what they needed to complete their vision.

You can check her website HERE