Ybelka Hurtado
Photo courtesy of Ybelka Hurtado's Instagram

Ybelka Hurtado Reyes is a Dominican makeup artist and hairstylist who has lived in Puerto Rico for over 35 years.

Hurtado is a veteran in the beauty field and has worked in the local film industry, TV, music videos, documentaries and audiovisual projects. Many local actors and actresses have requested her services and trust her expertise.

A lot of you may know her because of her work on Bad Bunny for the 2022’s MET Gala, a star who she got to meet through a producer. She started working with him before the pandemic, and it was the entertainer who requested her because they had already worked on a project before. She is contacted only for special occasions because he has his own barber.

The hairstylist began studying pre-medical at the University of Puerto Rico and then opted for cosmetology when she discovered that grooming her friends made her happy.

Her first opportunity came more than two decades ago: she was hired to fix the makeup and hair of the cast of a movie that was filmed in Puerto Rico. From that moment forward, her life changed.

For further information regarding her career, you can check her IMDb page.

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