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Stylist: Ryan Hastings
Outfit: bespoke Loewe by Jonathan Anderson
Tailor: Vikkie Tarbuck x Karen Avenell
Makeup Artist: Celia Burton
Hairstylist: Malcolm Edwards
Manicurist: Annaliese Faye
Shoes: Aquazzura
Bag: Loewe

I am so proud of today’s article, which I decided was not going to see the light of day till further notice.

You may ask yourself why and I owe you an explanation for it: I was trying so hard to locate the people involved in the look but I couldn’t find them.

When you do the kind of work I do, you are never sure about the fact that someone is going to work with the same team over and over, and to even suppose it is wrong, because many variables come into play.

I don’t take your trust for granted and I single-handedly check every information I spread online because misinformation is not what I am here for, I am here to share knowledge with like-minded people who appreciate all facets of fashion, especially those that are not visible or necessarily well-known in the business.

That being said, I am delighted to write about the lovely Taylor Russell attending last year’s British Fashion Awards.

For the rainy night, the Black beauty donned a bespoke Loewe handmade floral crystal broach bust with a white floor length silk skirt based on a model from the Spring 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Look 6 – Photo courtesy of Daniele Oberrauch / Gorunway.com

Russell complemented her chic ensemble with Aquazzura So Nude Plexi 105 silver sandals and a grey Loewe Flamenco leather clutch, handcrafted into a pouch shape with coiled drawstring ties and hand-painted edges.

Taylor‘s makeup was courtesy of Celia Burton, who defined her eyes with a firm trait of black eyeliner. Burton evened out her skin tone and then opted for a lived-in pout, in a color slightly darker than her own.

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When it came to the hair, the “Bones and All” actress showed off her signature sleek bob with side part, courtesy of Malcolm Edwards, while her short, white nails were painted by manicurist Annaliese Faye using The Gel Bottle Inc nail polish in the shade ‘Blanc‘.

Once again, Russell was styled by Ryan Hastings, someone that can literally do no wrong when it comes to putting clothes on his clients.

I consider Taylor‘s beauty otherworldly and everything she does–from her poses to her gestures–make me think of the divas from the old times. She also exudes a kind of particular melancholy through her eyes and her dress combined with her attitude almost feels as just an accessory, because she is so incredibly beautiful already.

There is no doubt that this specific bespoke creation was carefully adapted to this occasion and the slip skirt was the touch of softness that balanced the heavy (at least it looks like it) bust, which coincidentally also reminds me of her nature contrasting with the roles she often plays, a sort of antithesis.


Jonathan Anderson–creative director of Loewe–won the Designer of the Year Award, who was presented to him by Josh O’Connor (also dressed in Loewe).


The Fashion Awards is a fundraiser for the BFC Foundation and focuses on celebrating excellence in the fashion industry and supporting the future pipeline of creative talent.

The BFC Foundation supports the future growth and success of the British fashion industry by focusing on three areas: Education, Grant-Giving & Business Mentoring and the Institute of Positive Fashion.

The BFC Foundation aims to improve equality and opportunity so that the fashion industry remains diverse and open to all, helping talented designers at all stages of their career from school level through to becoming a global fashion brand.

The 2023’s edition was presented by Pandora and it took place on Monday 4th December 2023, returning to the iconic London venue, the Royal Albert Hall. 

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