Petra Flannery

Petra Flannery
Photo courtesy of Petra Flannery's Instagram

Petra Flannery’s start in the fashion world was at the legendary modeling agency, Elite Modeling, where she represented models.

While there, she made numerous business relationships, honed her business skills and figured out she needed to apply her creative side.

She quickly ditched the agency gig and began assisting super celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman, learned the ins and outs of wardrobe styling and took off.

After many editorial gigs where her skills have graced leading mags such as GQ, Nylon, Vogue, Zink and InStyle, she has climbed the success ladder and attracted Hollywood’s elite and in turn is now the go to creative for both daily wardrobe and red carpet events.

Petra’s lineup of clients includes Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Faith Hill, Claire Danes, Maria Sharapova and Megan Fox.

Within the industry Petra is known as a risk taker and her risks have paid off as most of her clients become press magnets and that’s what they really want, in the end.

You can visit her personal website HERE

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