Paul Blanch

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Paul Blanch is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist.

He is known for his ability to work across a broad range of skin tones and a versatile set of techniques, incorporating makeup styles from minimalist chic to avant-garde eye makeup, and the ultra feminine–Blanch even dabbles in special effects makeup.

He has painted the faces of talents such as Storm Reid, Tatiana Gabrielle, Navia Robinson, Geraldine Viswanathan, SZA, Saweetie, and many more.

His work can be found in campaigns for brands including Miu Miu, J Brand, Nike, New Balance, and Ilia, while his editorial talents can be seen in publications such as WonderlandL’Officiel ItaliaFlauntNumeroGQ UKInStyleSchön, and more.

He is represented by The Wall Group and you can find his portfolio HERE

You can also check his personal website HERE