Nettie Davis

Nettie Davis is a professional nail artist.

Born in Houston, Texas, she has a degree in Fashion Design and a license in Manicuring. 

Davis has been doing nails since she was twelve. When she moved out to Los Angeles from Houston, she wanted to be a costume designer. She even did that for a while, but she was overweight, so it was a pretty hard job. When she got injured during pilot season on her third year, her mom told her to use her nail license that she had in California and start doing nails again, but Davis thought that wasn’t a lucrative career decision.

While on bedrest, she met some girls like Rihanna‘s manicurist, who were doing home spa parties. They told her how much they were earning from doing nails for the industry, so once convinced, Nettie called her friends who worked on set and told them she might be venturing into something different and if they needed a nail person for film to call her. It didn’t work out as fast as she wanted to, so she started working in a salon, doing home spas and making body scrubs.

Nettie had been working in a Santa Monica salon, barely getting by and struggling to convince clients to pay for a luxury nail experience although they were spending hundreds to get their hair done. One day, one of the women she successfully pitched to, turned out to be the mother of an agent at a creative talent agency in the entertainment industry. The woman raved to her daughter about Nettie’s work and a month later, Nettie received the call.
She would eventually sign with said agency, starting her career as a nail artist in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

In 2018 she launched Pottle, a refillable hard gel bottle to store and mix custom blends on the go. The line now includes beauty tools and nail supplies.

The inspiration for Pottle came from her need to have something in her kit that would not leak and stay upright. After finding a Russian gel that she loved because it was in a pot, she wanted to put it in a bottle and keep it moving but she couldn’t do that easily. From there it was a very slow and strenuous process.

Her celebrity clients now include Tessa Thompson, Kiki Layne, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Letitia Wright, Issa Rae, Janelle Monae, among others.

She is available for mobile manicure services, house calls, spa parties and events.

Serving Los Angeles county, she is based in West Hollywood.

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