Molly Dickson

Molly Dickson
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Molly Dickson is a New York-based stylist.

Dickson grew up in Gilby, North Dakota; her parents are Jill and Mark Dickson, her siblings are David, Heidi and Betsy.

Dickson was an active girl who was outdoors a lot and played basketball before graduating from Midway High School. She attended the University of Minnesota and graduated in 2009 with a degree in advertising. Even at an early age, her mother said, Molly showed an interest in fashion.

She relocated to Manhattan after a fruitful interview for an internship at Marie Claire. There, she assisted the magazine’s fashion marketing director, who worked with the high-end and European designer market dealing with brands such as Balenciaga and Armani. The job included trips to Milan and Paris for fashion shows and Dickson’s position allowed her to get to know and build relationships with key people with the high-end labels. After a year and a half, she was ready to move on.

After she found out that stylist Leslie Fremar needed an assistant, Dickson applied for the position and was hired. That was the starting point of her career–she worked under Fremar for over six years, learning the ins and outs of styling and building valuable relationships.

Fremar also let Dickson take on jobs and clients on her own during downtime, which is how Dickson linked up with Katherine Langford.

The two met via Facetime before the first season of “13 Reasons Why” was set to debut on Netflix and hit it off right away. Dickson styled Langford for her entire press tour and decided that it was time to break out on her own because she couldn’t give her 100% to both her clients and those of Leslie.

Since then, she has worked with top industry talent like Katherine Langford, Sofia Hublitz, Makenzie Leigh, Sadie Sink, Sydney Sweeney and Scarlett Johansson.

Dickson has contributed to publications like The Coveteur, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, and WWD and has collaborated with major brands such as Adidas SIX:02.

Molly specializes in dressing emerging talent and placing them in high-level designers.

She is represented by WITH FALCON.

To consult her portfolio, you can check her website HERE

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