Mo Qin

Mo Qin
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Mo Qin is a New York-based manicurist.

Originally from China, Qin made her way to the US and eventually opened her now-renowned nail salon, Oh My Nails, in 2013.

Her sharp eye, creative detail, and pampering touch has made her a favorite with clients such as Beyoncé, Naomie Harris, Ashley Graham, and more.

Her work has been published in titles such as Vogue Ukraine, Harper’s Bazaar (UK, Australia, China), Elle Mexico, System, Interview, Marie Claire, Allure, Porter, and many others.

In addition to regularly keying shows for fashion week, Qin has also done design collaborations with brands such as Revlon, CND, and Sinful Colors.

She is currently US Chief Educator for Leafgel.

She is represented by The Wall Group and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can also check her personal website HERE

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