Miho Okawara

Miho Okawara
Photo courtesy of Miho Okawara's Instagram

Miho Okawara is a Japanese nail artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, Miho developed an interest in nail art as a teenager. After graduating nail art school in Nagoya, she moved to Tokyo to work for a major nail salon, esNAIL.

She worked at the salon as one of the top nail artist for over 7 years.

Alongside of her career as a popular nail artist, she also lead the PR department and worked with various Japanese fashion magazines, music videos, and TV shows.

In 2012, Miho came to Los Angeles as the General Manager to open esNAIL’s first international salon.

Within a year of opening, she was able to lead the salon into becoming one of the most popular beauty destinations in Los Angeles.

She also became one of the main icons in spreading the Japanese “Kawaii” trend on the west coast.

In 2014, Miho parted ways with esNAIL and established her own company MiHO NAiLS.

As a celebrity nail artist, Miho actively participates in shoots with various magazines, music videos, and TV shows.

She also continues to work closely with her private clients that include key individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Recently, she has been expanding her business into the other industry by collaborating with apparel brands to showcase her work in different forms of art.

You can check her portfolio and shop her products on her personal website HERE

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