Micah Schifman

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Micah Schifman is a Kansas City stylist who studied theater at Emerson College before he went on to work in the film and television industry.

Finding himself drawn to the wardrobe department, he was quickly fascinated by the level of detail and research that went into each outfit. Ultimately, Micah’s detail-oriented eye resulted in a fashion-focused career.

Micah’s journey from film and TV, to public relations, to styling, has taught him at least one thing over the past 20 years–the little things matter. It is this mindset that differentiates Micah as a power stylist. He has truly mastered the inner workings of his craft; he understands that the shoes and accessories can be equally as important as the actual garment.

His candidness in dealing with clients is both admirable and necessary. His work is characterized by the ingenuity of his approach and the unparalleled interpersonal relationships he shares with everyone he works with. This, in combination with his ability to intuit his clients’ wants and needs, will continue to keep Micah at the forefront of the fashion industry for years to come.

Micah has worked with publications such as Modern Luxury, WWD, Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, Variety and more.

He is a former contributor for Style.com and works with A-list celebrities such as Diane Kruger and Sarah Silverman, among others.

A visual artist first and foremost, Micah is blurring the boundaries between fashion, art and celebrity in a way that few Hollywood stylists have managed to do. His ability to learn from fellow industry professionals and prioritize minute details that others often overlook, will continue to make him a valuable asset to anyone that has the privilege of working with him.

He is represented by The Only Agency and you can find his portfolio HERE