Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson is a New Jersey native fashion stylist.

His high-end, lowkey aesthetic has infiltrated Instagram feeds and city sidewalks worldwide. From hip-hop icons like The Weeknd and Kid Cudi, to up-and-coming actors like Charlie Plummer, his clientele covers a large cultural surface area. Most notable of his superstar collaborations is the one with A$AP Rocky, with whom Henson also helped form the creative collective AWGE. Before entering the styling arena, Henson served as a fashion editor for Complex, where he first met Rocky.

What sets Henson apart from the others is his portfolio: he’s a man who styles men, and was one of the first stylists to create wardrobes for his clients rather than fitting them into a mold set aside for male celebrities (though he admits there is a secret sauce to what he does).

His maternal grandfather was a business owner and both of his parents worked in the medical field, so they all were very well dressed at all times. His dad always had his pants creased and starched, everything always dry cleaned, and his mother was always very fashion conscious. He thinks that this really had a big impact on him—even though he does not get as dressed up, even as an adult. His style is very relaxed.

He had a full-time job during college in hospitality, and he would always take a lot of creative freedom in the way he would dress up the uniform, which was a light brown canvas suit. He would wear colorful shirts underneath or his shoes would be outlandish—just ways to separate himself from everyone else. He eventually found a magazine internship through a friend and when an assistant job became available he started working his way up through the ranks to become a fashion editor. It was really tough and fast-paced, but the things that he learned set him up to move on to Complex, which at the time still had a print component and gave him the opportunity to focus on menswear, which was and still is his passion.

At the time, the men’s industry hadn’t hit the boom that it has now. He met Kid Cudi early on in his career. He had an album coming out and there was so much press about it and he had so many red carpets and he worked with him. Then at Complex, he met Rocky.

You can visit his personal website HERE