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Stylist: Evet Sanchez
Outfit: Alexander McQueen
Groomer: Kara Yoshimoto Bua
Cufflinks: David Yurman

There is no recent movie that can reflect the Zeitgeist quite like “Don’t Look Up“. Leonardo DiCaprio attended its worldwide premiere at the Jazz at Lincoln Center on December 05, 2021 in New York City.

For the occasion, DiCaprio wore a custom Alexander McQueen single-breasted tailored jacket and slim trousers in navy sustainable regenerative wool and a white organic cotton poplin shirt. His cufflinks were courtesy of David Yurman.

Courtesy of Alexander McQueen and Evet Sanchez

The actor and his stylist Evet Sanchez, always one step ahead when it comes to sustainability, collaborated with the brand’s team to make sure everything was up to their standards down to the last detail, as revealed by the stylist herself who shared on her Instagram how every piece of clothing used for the premiere was sourced and guaranteed:

➮ “Suiting Material: ZQ Merino Wool
* The material is made with ZQ Wool (www.discoverzq.com) which is traceable, sustainable wool originating mainly from farms in New Zealand. The ZQ standard integrates a regenerative approach and ensures that the wool is meeting standards of fiber quality and high standards of animal welfare, environmental and social responsibility.⁣⁣

* The farmers follow the ZQ protocol and are committed to farming their land to respect the interaction between the animals, the soil, the ecology, and local communities. The ZQ growers are following land environment plans, according to the individual ecosystem needs of their farms whether it be working on restoring soil health, preserving waterways, protecting native species, and/or planting native trees all aspects that are part of the regeneration of the land, soil, and biodiversity. Farmers are closely monitoring the quality of the soil and mapping their grazing protocols to prevent overgrazing and encourage the preservation of soil nutrients, carbon sequestration, and native plants.⁣⁣

* No mulesing occurs with the ZQ standard in New Zealand, where most of the wool comes from and is officially banned, or in other countries where mulesing is still allowed. ⁣”

Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech (buttocks) of a sheep to prevent the parasitic infection flystrike (myiasis). The wool around the buttocks can retain faeces and urine, which attracts flies.
Many sheep who have undergone the mulesing mutilation still suffer slow, agonizing deaths because the exposed, bloody skin wounds often become infected or flystruck anyway.  

➮ “Shirting Material: Organic Poplin ⁣⁣
* The organic cotton is a fully traceable organic cotton coming from organic farms in the US. The sourcing origin has been verified using forensic and statistical technology to verify the origin of the Supima cotton.⁣⁣

* The organic cotton farms are following the USDA organic farming protocol and are not using any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, sourcing non-GMO seeds, and using less water, resulting in better soil health and protection of pollinators such as ladybugs and butterflies.”

Kara Yoshimoto Bua was in charge of his grooming as she has been many times in the past too; her natural makeup looks are among the best in the business.


Don’t Look Up is a 2021 American satirical science fiction film written, produced, and directed by Adam McKay.

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of astronomer Dr. Randall Mindy, who attempts (together with Kate Dibiasky, played by Jennifer Lawrence) to warn humanity about an approaching comet that will destroy human civilization. The comet is an analogy for climate change and the film is a satire of government and media indifference to the climate crisis.


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