Latisha Chong

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Latisha Simone Chong is a NY/ LA based hairstylist who currently resides in NYC.  

Her introduction to the beauty world started when she was just five years old in the 90’s, when most Black girls had their hair chemically relaxed to be ‘more manageable’. Subsequently, she suffered hair loss by the age of six/seven.

She developed her love for hairstyling when she befriended an older lady who allowed her to practice braiding her hair and styling her wigs for church. Making someone feel more secure and beautiful was the push Latisha needed to consider it as a profession.

She believes that the art of hairstyling is an intimate exchange and enjoys using her art as a channel to connect with others.

In 2020 she was named one of the Top 50 New Wave Creatives by the British Fashion Council.

Her work has been showcased in renowned publications such as Vogue, Garage and i-D.

Latisha aspires to create a digital imprint that future generations reference.

You can check her portfolio on her personal website HERE