Kyle Luu

Kyle Luu is a creative director and fashion stylist based in New York City.

She has put together looks for some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment world, i.e. Solange Knowles, Travis Scott and Tinashe.

Luu’s background began with a love for illustration that quickly evolved into fashion, her mother is a hairstylist, so glamour has always been her bread and butter.

Kyle got into styling because she couldn’t afford fashion school, taking whatever opportunity was available, wether it was a friend or a model. She never really assisted someone more established and her training was mainly on the fashion field.

Her first client was English singer and songwriter Neon Hitch. Two years later, she started working with Travis Scott and thanks to word of mouth, the rest is history.

Seen that she never had a mentor growing up, she has a very open dialogue with her interns and assistants. They talk about everything from rates to contacts to how to format an email, she tries to always be there for them and help them get booked because that’s her work philosophy.

You can check her portfolio on her personal website HERE

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