Jenna Hipp

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Jenna Hipp Spencer is a Hawaii native, professional manicurist, internationally known as the “Celebrity Green Nail Stylist”.

She became committed to a non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly, nail polish line, following an incident on set in which she bled all over a client because she was poisoned by the nail polish.

With 20+ years of experience under her belt, she served as hairstylist, makeup artist, groomer, model, photographer and scout before becoming a nail artist. She decided to pursue such a career after assisting one on a shoot, at the time not even knowing it was a legit profession.

She took her first steps in the field with a collaboration with RGB Cosmetics, which led to THE call to create her own product line.

Of course her love of green beauty has also to do with a love for the environment, since she grew up in a place such as Hawaii.

She is the Founder of Nailing Hollywood, an artist agency representing the industry’s most prominent editorial and celebrity nail experts and hand models.

She is represented by Nailing Hollywood and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can visit her personal website HERE