Stylist: Mimi Cuttrell assisted by Maxime Roberts
Outfit: custom Michael Kors catsuit and cape
Makeup Artist: Erin Parsons
Hairstylist: Laura Polko
Manicurist: Mei Kawajiri
Hat: Stephen Jones
Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz 90 carats triple row side hoop earrings and an assortment of diamond rings

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An icy throwback from 2019: Gigi Hadid at the MET Gala; in true “Queen of Ice” fashion, we cannot look away from those spiky white lashes that go incredibly well with the color of her eyes.

There was no precise mention of the inspiration behind the look—according to Gigi, she wanted to wear something that she couldn’t have worn in any other place and Kors briefly addressed a Liberace/Cher/Elton John/The Great Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan reference during an interview with Vogue.

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That’s why she opted for a custom Michael Kors ensemble, covering her in a patterned swirl of gold and silver. Over top of the suit, she wore a jacket, which featured the same colors, and extended all the way to the floor. Bits of tinsel also appeared on the jacket, creating a feathery effect. The linear pattern then extended to her choice of footwear, and for her hands, she wore translucent gloves.

Makeup artist Erin Parsons used Maybelline products on her face, click here for the full rundown.
There was also a “black draft” of the makeup that she sent to Gigi before seeing the white catsuit.

Posing for the camera: 0102 & being weird inside the MET Museum: here.

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