Frederic Aspiras

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Frederic Aspiras is a master wigmaker and hair stylist. He has earned his reputation as one of the leading artists in the industry. The son of a hairdresser, Frederic grew up in salons and began learning the trade by age thirteen.

In 2004, Frederic moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a hairstylist. There, industry professionals quickly realized his unique, fashion forward looks were created to inspire.

Five years after his move, Frederic was introduced to Lady Gaga. She was immediately fascinated by Frederic’s unparalleled ability to transform hair into glamorous works of art. Soon after, Gaga knew she couldn’t go on her Monster Ball tour without Frederic. Creating an equally unique and impressive look for every performance, Frederic instantly became Gaga’s go-to for all things hair.

Frederic has worked exclusively with Gaga since November 2009, creating some of today’s most memorable hair looks. Conceptualizing a wig made with a mix of human hair and fiber optics to make the hair illuminate with color is just one example of Frederic’s expert abilities.

Frederic’s work has been featured in several major publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Allure, L’uomo Vogue, Billboard and Parade.

He is represented by The Only Agency and you can find his portfolio HERE