Stylist: Taylor Okata
Outfit: archive Thom Browne
Groomer: Amy Komorowski
Skin glow: Tracie Martyn
Colorist: Jackson Heller
Shoes: Thom Browne
Jewelry: Lorraine Schwartz

One of the most interesting and unexpected looks from last year’s MET Gala was that of Evan Mock. The model turned actor is a true trend setter and an embodyment of the rebel guy fighting against the status quo.

For the Gala, Mock donned a Thom Browne Fall 2012 chopped high armhole tuxedo sport coat with safety pins details and low rise tuxedo shorts with grosgrain tipping. On his feet, a pair of Thom Browne Longwing brogue calf leather shoes with a round toe.

His stylist Taylor Okata described Evan‘s fashion choice as follows: “Thom Browne‘s “Punks vs. Jocks” collection was a no-brainer, not only in regards to the theme, but in relation to Evan‘s authentic-self as a Skater.

Coming from Hawai’i, most of us don’t follow the same roadmap of what it means to be American. We rebel against “American” norms and emerge with a DIY ethic.

The mask was a key element of the look in response to the last 18 months (of wearing masks), where feelings of discipline and submission have effected our lives.”

Amy Komorowski was in charge of the model’s grooming, using products from 111skin, Fenty Beauty, Chanel and La Mer among others. See her kit down below.

From @projectkendall’s Instagram

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes video courtesy of Instagram and another one by Evan‘s agent Kendall Werts, as the “Gossip Girl” reboot actor exits The Mark Hotel.

From @instagram’s Instagram
From @projectkendall’s Instagram

Mock‘s nails were painted black to match the punk/fetish feel of the outfit. He’s definitely not new to the MANicure, indeed he sports different colors for different events he attends.

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