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Stylist: Samantha McMillen assisted by Katya Giles Netter
Outfit: Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia
Tailor: Carlos Ordoñez
Groomer: Candice Birns
Shoes: Balenciaga
Watch: Chopard
Jewelry: Chopard

One of the buzziest names right now is that of Charles Melton, an actor that many of you probably know because of the series Riverdale.

His trajectory from a teenage project to a serious movie where he had to act alongside heavyweights such as Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore resembles that of many of his co-stars. After many years, many of them felt the need to break free from their roles, something that happened almost physiologically.

Now, in this new era of his life, he has the chance to further prove his talent and people who are not necessarily fans of the famed CW show–me included–are taking notice.

So let’s see what he wore to the Los Angeles premiere of his new Oscar hopeful movie “May December“.

Melton wore a dark grey Balenciaga structured knee length coat and high waisted pants from the Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection, paired with black Balenciaga boots and a black tank top underneath.

Look 10 – Photo courtesy of Carlo Scarpato / Gorunway.com

He added a touch of class to the look by opting for Chopard jewelry: we can see a diamond stud earring on his left ear, a L.U.C Time Traveler One watch in platinum with a black crocodile strap and silver casing on his left wrist and a minimal Ice Cube ring made out of ethical white gold and a diamond at its center on his right ring finger (you can clearly spot it in a video down below).

Can we also take a moment to appreciate Charles‘ grooming? It was courtesy of Candice Birns and it was very reminiscent of the way she does Harry Styles‘ hair too. I think this places her in my personal top three chart of best groomers for curly/wavy hair.

His wet looking do was effortless but well curated (look at those defined curls on his forehead), the skin looked even and soft; just a beard shadow here and there. Birns used products by STMNT Grooming Goods, R+Co and is Clinical.

This look was very unconventional but at the same time refined and its eccentricity is what made me want to write about it. It doesn’t happen every day to see someone wearing a pair of pants over another or a coat whose hem is full of belt loops and I also liked the fact that you don’t notice it at first, you need to look up-close to truly appreciate it.

What I know is that I couldn’t expect anything less from stylist Samantha McMillen, she is such a joy to witness because she plays with clothes and it’s never too serious or too artificial, it’s always the right amount of storytelling and fun (Elle Fanning being one of her top clients does tell you a lot).

This was such a clever choice to make a menswear ensemble newsworthy and interesting. Not for nothing I’m here writing about it.

You should watch the movie if you haven’t already, Melton‘s heart gripping performance is worth if not an Oscar, at least a well deserved nomination. We’re truly on the verge of something special here.


May December is a 2023 American drama film directed by Todd Haynes from a screenplay by Samy Burch, based on a story by Burch and Alex Mechanik.

The movie is loosely inspired by Mary Kay Letourneau, and it stars Natalie Portman as an actress who travels to Georgia to meet and study the life of the a controversial woman she is set to play in a film (played by Julianne Moore).

In the movie, Charles Melton stars as Joe Yoo, Julianne Moore‘s very young husband.

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