Anne Sophie Costa

Anne Sophie Costa
Photo courtesy of Anne Sophie Costa's Instagram

Anne Sophie Costa is a London-based, self proclaimed deconstructivist and makeup artist.

She is known for her visionary style, that makes her stand out in a very saturated market such as that of makeup artists.

She studied Graphic Design and while she was working at L’Oréal in Portugal on weekends to gain some extra cash, she was asked to do the models makeup because there was a delay, so she fell into the profession by accident (she was there to have her hair cut and dyed); at the end of the day she was asked to be an assistant.

For six months she kept on working there and the makeup artist at the place recommended her to attend a makeup course to study the techniques of the field, but at first Costa was reluctant because her parents were divorcing and she didn’t want to ask for other money. One day, while her mother was visiting, Costa was called by the makeup artist in question who informed her there was a good new fashion makeup course that she could follow and seeing her excitement, her mother helped her to sign up for it.

She then moved to London, and even if she had a client list, she had no family around and no connections, so she had to build everything back from the ground up. She overcame language barriers and her initial goal was to have a side-job apart from assisting, so she could venture on her own once she felt comfortable with her experience in the field.

When she was first approached by a talent agency, she understood that her portfolio wasn’t enough, so she focused on editorials for a year and once said agency took her in, she couldn’t be happier.

Apart from her incredible work published in the biggest fashion magazines, one of her most famous clients is Iris Law.

She is represented by Streeters and you can find her portfolio HERE

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