Amy Komorowski

Amy Komorowski is a celebrity men’s groomer who knows hair.

The sharpest leading men, rock stars and athletes call on her when they need to look their very best.

She has styled many of Hollywood’s elite including Eddie Redmayne, Adam Driver, Richard Madden, Jason Segel and James McAvoy.

Joaquin Phoenix was her first men’s client.

She has been doing hair and make up for 18 years; and she has been living in New York for 20. When she got started, men’s grooming wasn’t even really a niche, maybe because men were afraid or didn’t want to look like they were trying too hard.

Amy has made it her mission to educate guys on just how easy it is to achieve a clean, effortless look from head to toe.

She knows her craft and she knows how to put her clients at ease, that is why a lot of men rely on her hands to make them look their best.

Komorowski is now the co-founder of Circa 1970, a luxury beauty oil together with fellow groomer Barbara Guillaume.

She is represented by The Wall Group and you can find her portfolio HERE

You can also check her blog HERE

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