Alireza Mousavi

Alireza Mousavi
Photo courtesy of Alireza Mousavi's Instagram

Alireza Mousavi is a creative hairstylist and beauty artist that has Iranian and Swedish background.

His biggest passion is fashion. He is a qualified hairdresser and colorist.

He recently became a Redken Artist and started his new journey on the education and main stage path.

He’s been traveling around the world and worked with fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle US.

He began his career in 2005 in Iran as a hairstylist. Due to limitations in the industry in Iran he decided to move to Sweden in 2011 to pursue his dreams. In early 2014 he graduated from the Swedish International Hair Dresser Academy. In 2016 he started working with the American brand Redken.

In 2017 he started working as a Redken Artist and educator.

You can check his portfolio on his personal website HERE

Disclaimer: the bio of this artist was taken from his personal website. We do not claim authorship over this writing.

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